.01 Marriage Matters

We want to start this off by saying, we aren’t professional writers... & I’m typing this on an iPad. Please don’t judge the grammar and run on sentences LOL. Also, we don’t have a perfect marriage. These are things we are constantly working at. People often comment on our marriage and family. After being married 8 years now, and together for 12.. we have gone through our fare share of struggles and arguments. We have tried to apply God’s word along with the practical tools we have picked up from other Godly couples .. like our parents & church family.. to make our home as fun, peaceful, & enjoyable as possible! We just want to share some tips we have had success with thus far! We want to be an open book in all things and hopefully be an encouragement for others along the way! We want to give you guys some practical ways to apply this. There are so many ways to put this verse into action through marriage that it’s hard to even know where to start! Let’s just take this morning for instance.. we were supposed to pack up and get on the road. Madi woke up early and started cleaning everything up, packing bags, cooking breakfast. Going ahead of me and trying to make my part (loading up) as easy as possible. She also wasn’t stressed out, but with a calm and peaceable attitude she tended to our family. Even though we were kind of in a hurry and packing up, her attitude made the early morning enjoyable. She was also taking care of our kiddos and making sure they were getting breakfast & dressed for the ride. Don’t get me wrong, we have had our share of stressful & cha