Brother duo, Band Reeves, is using their deep-seated Southern roots to spread the hope and love of Jesus through their newly released album “We All Need Jesus”.  Their sound has been compared to Florida Georgia Line, Rascal Flatts, Jeremy Camp, and Chris Tomlin.   Jeramy and Cody Reeves were born and raised in a small town in  East Texas.  As ministry kids, their faith and trust in Jesus Christ was embodied and lived out daily by their loving and supportive parents. This shaped their devotion to ministry and reaching the lost as they became young men, particularly through the avenue of music.  Both brothers believe God put a love for worship in their hearts at a young age.  Music was a part of their lives and introduced by family when they were just kids.  “My biggest musical influences would number one be my PaPa.  He always loved playing the drums and showed us music and always talked about it.  I really soaked that in at an early age.  I remember being really little and him bringing me into the living room to pick out vinyl records,”  Cody states.  The brothers remember riding in the vehicle with their dad, windows down and speakers blaring; memories that undoubtedly molded a love for music as children.

     Jeramy learned guitar around the age of 12, shortly after beginning his relationship with Christ.  After just learning a few chords, he began writing his own songs.  Writing and playing music is one of the ways Jeramy battles lies from Satan, and God uses these lyrics and melodies to collide with His truths, bringing him back to the love and goodness of God he knows to be true.  “For me, the point of writing a song is for [ it] to be a message to touch someone’s life, to lead them closer to Jesus, that’s the number one goal,” explains Jeramy.    “A lot of writers can sit down and write a song a day…that’s just not for me.  It just comes from my time with the Lord.  There’s times when I’m studying [God’s word] and all of a sudden the Lord just brings something to my mind and it grows from there.  However He wants to use it is what we want.”

     Cody remembers singing as early as age 3,  belting out “My Name is Lazarus” by the Gaithers for Sunday morning specials at church. He recalls hearing  two brothers singing together and being completely captivated by the rich harmony of their voices, purposing in his heart to learn to do the same.  One of his greatest enjoyments is leading worship just in his local church, and that delight pours out of him when he sings.  “There was never a time when we set out to be famous.  The drive [has never been] to do concerts and be on the radio…even now, it’s just worship,” shared Cody.

      For the siblings, music is an intimate connection with the Lord, Jeramy using it to put thoughts and emotions into lyrics and Cody being able to sing those lyrics when he feels his own words fail.    Jeramy recalls a memory in which he was led by a band at church camp, seeing the pure joy of leading worship in those people was different than anything he had ever experienced, and this cultivated a desire in him to be a part of that joy.  As their desires and talents in music increased, the brothers doubted and questioned the direction God was leading them in, not knowing what exactly was in His plan, or if they should continue pursuing this dream.  But as always, the Lord has been faithful to direct them and confirm His plan for them.

     One of the ways the Lord has established his path for Band Reeves music, is through the leading ladies in both brothers’ lives.  Jeramy’s wife, Madison, along with their four children: Ryker, Rhett, Revalie, and Renlie, are actively a part of the ministry that is Band Reeves.  “I never want to do ministry [music] apart from [my family].  I believe the Lord designed the family as a unit to work together,” Jeramy states.  “We had a trip planned to Nashville to do some recording and we were dreading being apart for that time.  But I got home and Madi had surprised me and packed everything for her and the kids (including our just four month old), and made the trip with me.  This is our family, and I knew that if it was God’s will to continue in this ministry, my wife would always be on board with His calling.”  Jeramy and Cody’s families are intertwined with all the aspects of the band’s operation:  graphics, recording, traveling,  web structuring, merchandise processes, and most importantly prayerful, emotional support and encouragement. “Alyssa is my greatest encourager and supporter.  I couldn’t do anything I do without her.  She helps me any and every way possible.  When I [doubt] and feel like quitting she gives me hope and helps me see the best part of every situation,” Cody says of his wife.  “I hope that our children one day see us being used through this music…stepping out in pure faith in an area that doesn’t have a very visible direction, and watch how Jesus can take it to something we never imagined.  I just want them to see us following, loving, and serving Jesus with everything.”

     There is no doubt that family is the first ministry for the Reeves, and the investment in family is already evident in the lives of their young children.  Jeramy’s son, Ryker, is already enamored by observing his dad, trying to also write and sing his own songs, and singing his dad’s songs word for word.  “Music was meant for worshiping the Lord, so to be able to put songs into my kids’ hearts and lead them to worship the Lord is really cool,” Jeramy says of his children. “One night, I was lying in bed with my guitar, working on a song and Ryker came in beside me listening.  When I asked him why he thought daddy writes songs he said ‘Because you like to sing to Jesus!’ and when I asked him why he thought I like to sing to Jesus he said ‘Because you love Him! I don’t ever want them to see music as my job or my career.  I want them to see [my music] as the way I worship the Lord and try to lead people to Jesus!”

     That’s the motivation behind the album “We all Need Jesus”.  Band Reeves humbly bows and lays their music at the feet of Jesus, giving Him all the glory for the souls that are saved through the songs that the Lord gave them to write and perform.  They are eager to share them with the world and to connect with people, seeking the lost and edifying the church. 

“We just want to be wherever God is moving and a part of His work.”