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We All Need Jesus

Well it's hard for a hard headed man to bend our knees 
And give up the man that we like the world to see
We've got an iron will don't ask for help
Just grit our teeth and do it ourselves 
But some things we can't do on our own 

We fail we sin and and we all fall short
Now found hopeless hell-bound souls with a million reasons why we can't save ourselves
There is one who lived that perfect life
Laid it down a sacrifice
To everyone who would call upon His name
We've gotta put our faith in the only one who can save us
Man we all need Jesus

It's good to take pride in what you do with your own two hands
Just don't blind and hide your eyes from looking to Him
We've gotta take the Bible for what it says
Being good ole boys won't get us there
If our hope is that our right outweighs our wrong
I'll be the first to give up and walk away cause we're too far gone

Being a simple man don't make you a saved man

Higher Than The Heavens

Your love is higher than the heavens
And the rock beneath my feet
If I number my blessings
They are more than the sands of the sea

You are so good
You are so good
You are so good to me

I’ll never run out of reasons
Oh I’ll be singing
Over the way you love me
Love me
I’ll never run out of joy
I’ll be making noise
Over the way you love me


Man On Monday

There's a little more to it than church on a Sunday
Nobody is buying their ticket to heaven when they pass the plate
We can sing that song and do that dance
But we're just sharp dressed hypocrites if we leave it behind the double doors underneath that steeple

Who's that man on Monday
Does he walk and talk the same way
Is it real or religion two lives we're living to say that we're okay
God ain't looking for a sold out show
No he's looking for a sold out soul
But we'll keep getting cheated halfway believing
Until we let him change that man on Monday

Might not stand behind a pulpit but our lives are preaching
Oh and everybody's watching to see if we really believe it
Give that devil and inch and he'll take a mile
Make a fool out of us one day at a time
Don't hide the light keep it shining let's live like we mean it

Heaven's Soldiers

Strangers in a foreign land

Believers, together we  stand


We’re gonna set the world on fire

Gonna set the world on fire


Here we are, here we go

Never gonna slow down or give it up, no

We will fight for the lost, carry on

Carry on, ‘til the battle is won

We are heaven’s soldiers


Lantern’s, shining bright in the dark

We burn, for the wandering heart


We will not be caught in the ways of the world

For we are set apart as the army of the Lord


Come Rest


Weary heart I know you’re tired
How long will you listen to the devil's lies
My yoke is easy
My burden is light
So give me yours and you can take mine

Come to me all you who labor and heavy laden
Lay your burden on my shoulders
And rest
Come find my peace once again
I’ll take your heavy load your troubled soul in my arms forever strong
As you rest
Come rest

You’ve carried the weight
far too long
Why would you try to do it on your own
I know every sin
I know every stain
And it’s all been washed away

Back to My Roots

In the middle of the night when I can’t find my peace of mind

As I think about the pain I’ll see along the road ahead of me

When worry’s got me swaying and I feel I’m losing grip

And its hard to tell my heart to be still

Its then you come along beside me

Telling me to hold on tight

To every thing that I believe in

You’re the one that I believe in

You remind me not to be afraid in days ahead

Cause You are mine and I am Yours

And You will never fail


You take me back to what I know is true

When demon lies are coming through

To knock me down, for my hope

Well I wont fall because I know

Every promise that You’ve made

Will be there to steady me

When I start to feel the wind of another storm blowing in, Lord

You take me back, take me back, take me back to

Back to my roots


I’ll be the first to fall if I don’t hold onto Your cross and to Your word

Cause you’re the only solid ground when that devil’s throwing doubt around

When it ain’t easy to believe that’s when I’ve gotta dig in deep

And hold You to Your word as Your word holds onto me


You take me back to what I know is true

When demon lies are coming through

And every promise that you’ve made will be there to steady me

You steady me

You steady me


Come To Me

Come to me

I used to walk circles in the sand

Carry the shame

From my trail of regret

Until one day I came to the end of all my strength

Then I heard my name

Echo across the waves


Come to me out on the water

Watch that old shore disappear

There will come a day when the walking gets rough

And the storms will test your trust

Come to me out on the water

I’ll satisfy your thirsty soul

Follow your faith

And come to me out on the ocean of grace


I felt safe there on the sure ground

In control, I though knew my way around

But now I’m saved, changed

I walk a brand new way

And the words You said

Still echo across the waves

Until We Get Home

Until we get home

Right now we might be knee deep out in the mud

But we hold our heads high even when life gets tough

Cause the work ahead is why we live

And the narrow way isn’t always paved in gold

So until we get home


We will be soul minded until that time

When the gates of glory open wide

And we see You

Til the clouds roll back fom that eastern sky

And you take us on to the other side

We will press on until You say, “Well done”


Let the heaven bound be the ringing sound of Your grace

Let us shine the light, fight the good fight, and keep the faith


Until that trumpet

Until that trumpet sounds

Ever On You

Ever on You

When our faith runs dry

You lead us to still waters of hope

We fall weak in the fight

You restore strength to our souls


When You speak, You ease every fear

Giving peace, to those who draw near


The eyes of Your people are ever on You

Your goodness and mercies are surely following

Every step we take, Lord we trust You with our fate

For You are good

Lord our eyes are ever on You


Turn Yourself to us

Come and whisper secrets of Your word

Burn our worries to dust

Until Your voice is the only thing heard


You are good to us, You are good to us

We are bound to Your love, Because You are good to us


Holy (Jesus you are)

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What heart could hold the weight of Your love

And know the heights of Your great worth

What eyes could look on Your glorious face

Shining like the sun


Holy, holy, holy

God most high and God most worthy

You are holy, holy, holy

Jesus, You are

Jesus, You are


Your name alone has power to raise us

Your light will shine when all else fades

Our eyes will look on Your glorious face

Shining like the sun, who is like You God


Who shall we say You are

You’re the living God

Who shall we say You are

You’re the Great I Am

The highest name of all

You’re all You say You are


And You will come again in glory

To judge the living and the dead

All eyes will look on Your glorious face

Shining like the sun, who is like You God

Hold on Job

Hold on Job

Well you’re trying to figure out where you went wrong

Because God is quiet and your trouble carries on

Don’t be discouraged though your life feels dark

Sometimes it hurts when Heaven is shaping your heart

All this pain will pave a way for your story to be told

And one day you will look back to say that it was worth it all


Hold on Job

When it feels like you’re running out of hope

When you start to question everything you know

Don’t let go

When it seems you’re out there fighting on your own

My friend God has not left you alone

Hold on Job


All you downcast and broken hearted

God is with you where you are

When you can’t make sense of your suffering

Remember you’re part of a greater plan

Don’t give up

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